Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. - Hebrews 13:8

Hi are you in problems, financial, health, studies, family etc. There is a solution my dear friends don’t panic whatever may be the situation, whatever may be the problem. You just have to spend some time. If you have read previous posts of mine you can believe that God truly exists. If you still have any doubt about existence of GOD please read my previous posts.

Then I say if you know how to pray, your problem is solved. So you need to spend your time praying to GOD.

Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding,
But what is in the heart of fools is made known. -Proverbs 14:33(Reference from HOLY BIBLE)

So I think a person who is reading my post is wise enough to accept the truth. For we are in the generation to believe in scientific facts. If you still believe age old traditions of false Gods then you are Lost.

Whom to pray?

This is the main secret of prayer. Don’t pray to idols or any elements of our creation like stones, wood, sun etc. For they can’t listen to our prayers. Only a living God can listen to our prayers. For only his promises are great and only in him we can trust.

Who is true God then?

My answer to this question without any doubt and with infinite confidence I say its JESUS CHRIST.

Why JESUS and why not other Gods?

Many say all God’s are one. But I say all cannot be called as God. Only JESUS CHRIST can be called as God.

JESUS said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Mathew 11:28 (Reference from HOLY BIBLE)

He is the only God I repeat only God who said that whoever are burdened in their lives with different problems come to me and I will take away your burden and give you peace.No other God has ever told any thing in any of the religious books that they will give us rest.If you know any such case do tell me.

I will tell you a small story. You have stolen some money from your father’s pocket. You go to your friend and say please forgive me friend I have stolen some money. What does it effect your friend he says why do I forgive. So you should go to your father and say “father I have stolen some money please forgive me”, for its from whom you have stolen. But if you say no all friends are like my father so I steal money from my father and ask my friend to forgive for I feel he is also like my father. How abrupt it is to go and ask your friend to forgive when you have to ask your father to forgive.In the same way you should ask the one who has created us but not to the ones which we created. I mean idols are created by man, many religions who follow idol worship wake their god in the morning. God is the one who never sleeps nor rests.

Behold, He who keeps Israel
shall neither slumber nor sleep. - Psalm 121:4(Reference from HOLY BIBLE)

We have created Idols; we have decorated them with gold and silver how does the things which are created by us hear our prayers. Read bible for it is the perfect book which tells you the truth. I know many ask why only Bible I have answers for every question you ask you can mail me with any of your doubts. If you believe Jesus as living and the only true God, in my next post I will say how we should pray. And in my coming posts I will also prove why we should trust in Bible. Still you believe in Idols and other prophets its up to you.


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